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On what basis should I choose my credit card?

bbforumbbforum admin
edited October 2012 in Types of cards
I travel a lot on work, am forced to eat out often and also purchase a lot on my card. Which card do you think is most suitable for me? Any suggestions?


  • Reward points and cash back offers on your credit card is most suitable for me
  • Choosing a credit card based on your needs is a good thing but if your lifestyle embraces several channels for spending, then it would be best to opt for a card that gives you the best benefits for a channel where most of your money is spent. In your case being a frequent traveller, travel may take up most expenditure compared to other related areas like shopping or eating out. If there is scope to moderate on these two aspects and travel is an area where you have the least control in terms of expenses, then you should opt for a credit card that provides frequent flyer miles in the case of air travel or opt for a fuel related credit card, if travel is within the city. If absolutely essential you can opt for two credit cards on two spending channels. i.e. Travel and shopping with the latter providing benefits for dining out. Here is a whole list of credit cards you can explore based on your lifestyle needs - Take the time to compare features, benefits and shop for your ideal card!
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