After how long is a bank account made inoperative?


After how long is a bank account made inoperative?


Depends on bank to bank but usually if you do not use your bank account for any inward or outward remittance other than the bank interest being paid to you for 12 months your account is bracketed as inactive. If the account has no transaction for 24 months the account is classified as inoperative.


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When your account stays inactive for long, your account can become inoperative. If your savings account or current account hasn’t witnessed any transactions (credit/debit except interest credited by the bank after deduction of service charges) for more than 1 year, the account is considered inactive. On exceeding 2 years, the account is declared dormant/inoperative. To keep your account active, you have to do any of the below transactions.

• Outward bill
• Inward bill
• Transactions through cheque.
• Deposit of cash
• Deposit through cheque
• Cash withdrawal or deposit via ATM
• Internet banking transaction
• Crediting interest earned mandate on Fixed deposit to Savings Bank Account

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