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I am a student, and I had a credit card which is taken based on my fixed deposit. I checked my CIBIL TRANSUNION SCORE and it found to be 804. I would like to apply for a new credit card. Can I apply for a new credit card based on my CIBIL SCORE? If so would you recommend some credit cards that I can apply.



A Student Credit Card is specially crafted for students aged over 18 years. If you are just out of high school, applying for college or even pursuing a higher degree, you could get a Student Credit Card for yourself.

Types of Student Credit Cards

There are different types of Student Credit Cards. After filling out the application form, you can get a card against one of the following:

A Fixed Deposit in your name

If you have a Fixed Deposit in your name, you could request the bank to give you a Credit Card against it. Your FD account should have a certain amount in it for your card to get approved.

A Savings Account

If you already have a Savings Bank Account and a good savings history, you could request your bank to give you a Credit Card against it.

An Add-on Card

Another way to obtain a Student Credit Card is to get an add-on card on one of your family member’s Credit Cards. However, the family member would have to have a good credit history and Credit Score.

Most big banks in India offer Student Credit Cards. Some popular cards are:

HDFC Multicurrency Card

SBI Student Plus Advantage Card

Punjab National Bank Global Classic Credit Card

Andhra Bank Visa Classic Card

ICICI Bank Student Travel Card

Axis Bank – ISIC Forex Card

Citi Platinum Select Master Card

If you are looking for a Credit Card, click here. But the cards will require you to have a minimum income.

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