Are bargain stocks worth investing?


I know most people advise against bargain stocks but can I consider them if my source is genuine.


The one golden rule I would like to remind you is to always pick the stocks depending on their company business plan and fundamentals rather than price. Overall it is your choice but one has a higher chance of investing in one stock of a fundamentally strong company like a mid cap or a large cap company compared to a large number of penny stocks of some random small time company.


Hi Meera,

Bargain or penny stocks might be risky especially because it’s possible that their financials may not be great. Unsteady business growth can lead to volatility in the stock and subsequently your investments. Most penny stocks are either ones that are new to the business that they are in or ones that don’t have good financials. So, it is important to choose the right stocks. If you have no expertise in choosing stocks, it is best to listen to a financial advisor. Choose a financial advisor based on reviews of people who have already used their services.

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