Are co branded credit cards worth it?


are co branded credit cards worth it?


The one common mistake most people make is to assume co branded cards is for general use. While there is no cap from the bank these cards make financial sense only if you fly regularly with that one airline or shop online with the particular website offering the co branded card. SO if you are not loyal to one brand prefer a regular credit card over co branded cards.


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Credit Cards are generally one of the following two types: basic Credit Cards or co-branded Credit Cards. Basic Credit Cards are regular cards issued by banks in affiliation with VISA, MasterCard, and other financial institutions. Co-branded cards, on the other hand, are jointly offered by retail companies and banks, routed through Credit Card companies.

While regular Credit Cards offer uniform benefits on every transaction, co-branded Credit Cards offer additional benefits, apart from regular benefits, at specific stores. Co-branded cards offer a wide range of discounts and upgrades on repeated use of the card when making specific purchases from particular brands. So, if you are loyal to a particular brand, co-branded cards have a lot to offer.

For example, if you shop at a particular store, co-branded cards give you an edge over other customers since you can earn reward point multipliers, enjoy exclusive sale reviews and even get the purchases delivered to your doorstep. Regular Credit Cards, on the other hand, provide uniform reward points on purchases, and cashback on certain purchases such as fuel or movie tickets through tie-ups with merchants. If your purchases are not limited to a single merchant, co-branded cards do not have anything additional to offer. For more information, read this blog post - If you choose the right co-branded Credit Cards, you can enjoy a number of benefits.Want to apply for a Credit Card? Click here.

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