Are loans easily available for high end bikes


Are loans easily available for high end bikes like a Ducati for example?


Most exotic sports bike manufacturers have tied up with banks offering easy bank loans. What’s more these loans are at a lower interest rate than regular 2 wheeler loans. You do not have to give a high down payment as loans are available for up to 70-80% of the bike’s cost. If the bank is happy with your profile and financial track record, a loan of up to 90% of the bike’s cost is possible.


I am totally agreed with Dhanya Menon that if you have a good reputation with the bank then you can even avail 90% of the loan on the total cost of the bike. In order to save the customers from the unnecessary hassles for getting the loan, bike companies tied up with banks so that this process will be easy for them.

Sometimes what happens we have to take a loan as per our requirement and it becomes difficult for us to calculate its EMI. Now for the convenience of the loan takers, these companies have appended online calculators to their site and it has become easier to calculate EMI on the basis of the loan amount.


Hi Dhyan,

It shouldn’t be too difficult to get a loan for a high-end or a super bike in India from banks as well as non-banking financial institutions, depending on your eligibility, of course. A bank can fund anywhere between 70 to 90 percent of the loan amount. The interest rate on your loan will be similar to loans for other two-wheelers and can even be lower in some cases. This is because the tenure for loans for superbikes will be longer. You can further ask for a discount on the interest rate if you choose to secure your loan against a collateral apart from your bike.

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