ATM blocked

I wanted to change my ATM pin but it is now blocked due to wrong attempts. What should
I do?

It is quite normal for your ATM card to be blocked if you make more than three attempts for changing your pin or adding a wrong pin. Check with the changed PIN after 24 to 48 hours and chances are that your card which may have been temporarily blocked would be released. If not give a written application in your bank branch and your ATM card will get a new pin issued by the bank.

Dear Sourav,

Banks usually allow three attempts to punch in the correct PIN after which your card gets blocked. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should call the customer care of your bank and tell them about the problem.

Some banks will verify your details and generate an OTP via SMS to help you reset your PIN. You can also access your netbanking account and reset the PIN. Banks like HDFC automatically unblock your card after 24 hours. You can then use your Debit Card to reset your password.

Team BB