B khata property


Can I get loan for B khata property? Can I make it A khata?



B khata properties get rejected by the lender when it comes to availing a Home Loan. However, there are many financial institutions who offer loans for a B khata property.
You can convert your B Khata property to A Khata in the following ways:

• Convert the land from agricultural to non-agricultural use by applying for District Commissioner (DC) Conversion.
• Clear all property taxes due on the property till date as per the government norms.
• Obtain the khata form from the BBMP office and fill in the details as required in the form.
• Gather all the required documents to be submitted along with the form.
• Pay BBMP Betterment Charges, which is the fee levied for converting from B khata to A khata and submit the filled-in form along with the tax receipts and the required documents to the Assistant Revenue Officer of the concerned area.
Generally, A khata document is issued within a period of 4 to 6 weeks after the submission of the form and the relevant documents.

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