Bike insurance query


My friend’s new bike was stolen last week but his insurance company told him theft is not covered under a 3rd party insurance. is this true?


Yes unfortunately the insurance company is right. Opting for just a third party insurance you are only safeguarding yourself against any bodily harm or injury caused to any third party or damages caused to the party’s vehicle.

So basically third party insurance means your vehicle is not covered against theft. It is a tough price to pay for saving on some premium in the long run in my opinion.


Hi Meera,

Third party cover in a Two-Wheeler Insurance policy is a mandatory inclusion by law. This protects the vehicle owner from legal liabilities as a result of accidental damages that have caused permanent injury or death of a third party.

A third-party motor insurance policy is basically signed between two parties, the insured and the insurer. So, third party refers to the people who are neither the insured nor the insurer. They can be occupants of a different vehicle, co-passengers of another vehicle, pedestrians, etc. Third-Party Insurance includes liability for bodily injuries or death of the third party in the event of an accident. However, you must remember that this type of insurance policy will not offer coverage for any injury to you, death or damage to your own vehicle. It also does not offer coverage for your co-passengers. So, even though third party cover is mandatory for your car, if you are looking for an insurance cover that will protect you, your loved ones in the car and your vehicle too, then you must go for comprehensive insurance.

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