Can I revise already filed ITR online?

Can I revise already filed ITR online?

Yes you can revise your filed ITR online easily but you will need the 15-digit acknowledgement number of the original tax filing and the date of filling of your return. To revise your ITR online, you can login to the income tax website at and select the menu under filing under Section 139 (5) to make appropriate changes. Then make the desired changes in the file and re-upload it. You will receive a rectification request number and an acknowledgment number once your revised return is uploaded successfully.

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Section 139(5) allows taxpayers to submit a revised ITR if there were errors in their previously submitted one. So, if you’ve missed out or filled in any wrong information in your return form, you should submit a revised one to avoid any penalties in the future.

Till when can you revise your ITR? You can submit revised ITR applications up to a year after the end of the assessment year (For AY 2015-16, the deadline will be 31st March, 2018) or till the assessment is completed, whichever is earlier.

There is no limit to the number of times you can revise your ITR. But, if you keep revising it, your return can come under the scrutiny of the IT department. Ideally, you should be using this facility only to correct unintentional omissions or mistakes in your previously submitted ITR. Ensure that you’re honest while filing your ITR. If you’re caught concealing income, your penalty could be anywhere between 100 to 300 percent of the tax due. Also, filing false returns can fetch you imprisonment under Section 277.

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BB Expert

It is often happened that when we file income tax return ,we make some mistakes so we have to file our income tax return again.It is called belated return filing.You can revise your itr for many times until your return is verified.if it is verified you can not revise rather you can rectify your return.

Yes you can all you have to do is select the revised option and resubmit.