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My car is damaged. How to ensure that my insurance claim is paid?



It is not only mandatory to inform the Car Insurance provider about the accident within 48 hours of the mishap, but it is advisable to contact them as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on any minute details of the incident. Even one small forgotten detail could hinder you from getting a favourable settlement. Forgetting minor details or calling in too late may not work in your favour. Here’s how to ensure that your claim is settled.

Record details of the accident and damage

It is not enough to just inform your insurer about the car accident. You need to keep a written record of how, when and where the accident happened, along with the damages to the car and the injuries caused to the driver and passengers. You need to prepare a solid document with all the aforementioned details. You need to attach the proof of car damage, proof of injury, medical bills, repair bills, police report, etc. along with this report. Having all the proofs and related documents will make your claim for settlement stronger.

Send demand letter

The next step involves drafting a demand letter that clearly states your claim settlement and sending it across to the Car Insurance company. The demand letter should consist of details of the accident and the damages/injuries suffered by the car/passengers. Medical treatment undergone by the injured passengers, medical bills, case of permanent disability and loss of income due to leave from work due to the accident should all be mentioned. The car repair cost, long-term healthcare scenarios, etc. should also be included in the demand letter along with the necessary proofs. While mentioning the settlement amount, remember, it’s always better to ask for exactly how much you need. You won’t run the risk of having your claim denied on grounds of wrong or inflated claims.

Analyse the first offer and push for reasonable settlement

Once you are done submitting your claim request, the claims officer will roll out the first settlement offer. If the claim settlement offered is less than what you had demanded and if you feel that the reasons provided by the insurer are not valid, then you can push for a reasonable settlement based on the proofs you have provided. If you think the settlement offered is reasonable, then go ahead and accept it.

Get a written agreement of the settlement

If the negotiation with the insurer goes smoothly, then you should ask the Car Insurance company to sign a written agreement stating that the policy will cover the claims amount that you have found reasonable. Also, get confirmation from the insurance provider as to when the settlement will be credited along with the necessary claims document. It’s better to have all conversations documented so that there’s no miscommunication in the future.

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