Cibil score is 0


Currently im earning more than 40k per month. I have a credit card and never had any issues like late fee or delayed bill payments. I even a personal loan where i pay the amount very promptly.

Now i have applied for another credit card from a different bank. This bank reported me that you Cibil score is 0 so we cannot process your application.

How come my score is 0? Please do the needful



We are sorry about your situation. However, there might an error on the part of the banks in reporting about your Personal Loan and Credit Card accounts. When you take a loan, lenders are usually quick to inform credit information agencies such as CIBIL. We suggest that you talk to your banks to see if they have reported your accounts to credit information bureaus. If this doesn’t work, it is best to give a written request to your lender asking them to inform credit information agencies about your loan and Credit Card accounts.

Do ask them how long it will take for the update to happen. It usually takes only about 20-30 days for your Credit Score to get updated. Keep following up with your banks to ensure that they have passed on the information to credit information agencies.

Once you get a confirmation from your bank that the information has been sent, you can check your Credit Score to see that the accounts are reflecting. If it is still not updated or your bank is not helping you, then you could write to credit information agencies to update your Credit Score along with the loan and Credit Card details provided by your bank. Credit information agencies usually get back to you within 15 days with a status update.

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