Confused on cashless insurance hospital


I have cashless insurance but my doctor does not suggest that hospital for surgery. What should I do any ideas?


It is best to discuss with your doctor because he may have his reasons for avoiding a particular hospital. Another fact is that many Doctors also have tie ups with hospitals depending on which ones they visit or are empanelled on. A better way is to compare detailed cost among your preferred network hospital and the hospitals suggested by your doctor and then take a final call.


Hi Sohini,

We would suggest you consult with your doctor and enquire why he thinks you shouldn’t go in for a surgery at that hospital. Simultaneously, you should also get a second opinion from a qualified physician/doctor to find out whether any of the hospitals mentioned in your insurance policy are suitable for your condition. Also, it would be advisable to do a cost analysis between hospitals in your insurance policy as well as the ones recommended by your doctor.

Team BB