Cpse etf


What is CPSE ETF? Who can invest?



The CPSE ETF, or Central Public Sector Enterprise Exchange Traded Fund, is an exchange-traded fund that was first launched by Reliance in 2014 as a New Fund Offer (NFO). The CPSE ETF consists of 10 large-cap central public sector companies. The predominant names are ONGC, REC, Coal India, Container Corp, Oil India, Power Finance, GAIL, BEL, EIL, and Indian Oil.

These firms cover a range of sectors such as energy, utilities, finance, and mining or minerals. The CPSE ETF invests the entire fund in these 10 companies. As there is no bond component in the fund, the CPSE ETF is purely an equity fund.

It is an open fund, which means there is no lock-in period. You can buy and sell whenever you want.

You can invest in CPSE ETF using your demat account as it is exchange traded. Just log into your demat account from any depository, select the CPSE ETF, and complete your purchase.

You can also buy it through the Reliance fund website as it is managed by Reliance. You can enter the amount you want to invest and the units will be allocated as per the availability.

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