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Is credit card a necessary financial tool these days? One of my friends said that it is important to have a credit card since maintaining it well will help increase our credit score. If that is the case, please suggest a credit card that has no annual fee or hidden costs.


A consistent and good repayment history always helps in improving the credit score. If you are using a credit card regularly and repaying the due on time than it can add points to your credit score but at the same time, small mistake or default in payment can ruin the whole plan! Suppose if you fail to make the payment on due date because of any unavoidable circumstances than the penalty will be imposed immediately. While using the credit card, it is important to be punctual and careful. There are various credit cards available in the market with zero annual and joining fee, such as ICICI Bank’s Platinum card and sterling silver card, Axis bank gold credit card, Citi Bank Platinum credit card (Note: conditions apply as per respective bank’s norms) etc. If you want to get a credit card only to improve the credit score then you can also check the “charge card”. It costs more than a credit card but helps you to improve the credit score and inculcate financial discipline.


If the CIBIL is misguided by the bank who will be responsible?


Hi MKumar,

A Credit Card can help improve your Credit Score. Read this post for more information - We have many Credit Cards with zero annual fees. Some of them are HSBC Visa Platinum Card, Jet Airways Indusind Bank Voyage Visa Card and Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card. If you want to check out more Credit Cards, please click here.

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Hi MKumar,

You are doing the right thing by getting a Credit Card to maintain your Credit Score. However, you have to use it responsibly by paying your total balance on time, every time. This will help you maintain a high score.

Coming to your other query, we have plenty of Credit Cards with zero annual fees. Here are some of them.
• Kotak Royal Signature Credit Card - This Credit Card has some stellar features like fuel surcharge waiver, access to premium airport lounges, and priority assistance. The card comes in two variants – paid and free. You can pick either one based on your budget and spending needs. Annual Fee is nil for the first year and Rs. 999 for the second year. APR – 37.2% per annum

• Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Voyage Visa Card – This one comes with a unique reward structure and you earn JPMiles on every travel-related spend. This card also has you covered with exciting offers on lifestyle, shopping and dining spends even when you are not travelling. Annual Fee is nil for the first year and Rs. 2,000 for the second year. APR – 46% per annum

• HSBC Visa Platinum Card – This is a lifetime free Credit Card. It’s packed with deals offered on shopping, dining and travel along with a host of other benefits and features. Annual Fee will be nil. APR – 39.6% per annum

Read this blog post for more information – Credit Cards With Zero Annual Fees.
Want to check your eligibility for a Credit Card? Click here.

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There are many banks that provide credit card without annual fee. Here are some of the best credit cards:

HSBC Visa Platinum Card
Central Bank of India Titanium Credit Card
IndusInd Bank WorldMiles Credit Card
ICICI Instant Platinum Credit Card
PNB Global Classic Credit Card
Canara Bank Global Gold Card