Credit cards for students

My son is about to pursue higher education in Delhi. Is there any option for getting a credit card for him? Are there any credit cards available for students/ college goers?


A Student Credit Card is specially crafted for students aged over 18 years. If your son is just out of high school, applying for college or even pursuing a higher degree, you could get a Student Credit Card.

Types of Student Credit Cards

There are different types of Student Credit Cards. After filling out the application form, you can get a card against one of the following:

§ A Fixed Deposit in your name
If you have a Fixed Deposit in your son’s name, you could request the bank to give you a Credit Card against it. Your FD account should have a certain amount in it for your card to get approved.

§ A Savings Account
If you already have a Savings Bank Account in your son’s name and a good savings history, you could request your bank to give your son a Credit Card against it.

§ An Add-on Card
Another way to obtain a Student Credit Card is to get an add-on card on one of your family member’s Credit Cards. So, you can get your Credit Card issuer to give your son an add-on Credit Card. However, you will need to have a good credit history and Credit Score.

Most big banks in India offer Student Credit Cards. Some popular cards are:

  1. HDFC Multicurrency Card
  2. SBI Student Plus Advantage Card
  3. Punjab National Bank Global Classic Credit Card
  4. Andhra Bank Visa Classic Card
  5. ICICI Bank Student Travel Card
  6. Axis Bank – ISIC Forex Card
  7. Citi Platinum Select Master Card

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