Debit card not working for international payment


I was trying to make an online purchase using my debit card at an international website. The payment is being declined. I assumed we can buy online with a debit card.


You are right that with a debit card one can buy online at international websites as well as domestic ones. In your case check with your bank if your card has been blocked for international transactions. All cards issued post 2013 are blocked for such transactions as per RBI guidelines. You will have to give a request to unblock your card for international sue before you may be able to purchase with an international website.


Are there extra charges for international transactions?


Yes there are extra charges for every time you use your debit card in an ATM overseas. There are charges for balance enquiries as well as dedicated charges for withdrawals. Also if you use your debit card to make a purchase in foreign currency you are charged some percentage of your payment as service charge. The exact amount of charge will depend on your bank and your debit card type.


Hi Sooraj,

Debit cards usually allow you to make purchases in Indian rupees. You might not be able to make purchases on international websites if they are priced in foreign currency. If you were trying to pay in Indian rupees and you were unable to make a purchase, please contact your bank to find out why.

BB Expert


Thank you sir for explaining clearly.