DEMAT a/c and Saving a/c linkage

  1. Can I link my saving a/c with DEMAT account? So spending can be automatically done via ECS?
  2. To have DEMAT account is it mandatory to have saving account with bank having online banking facility?
  3. As I am holding co-operative bank a/c and I dont wish to do any online transaction on my saving a/c. please guide.


Hi Ashwinkumar,

Only your trading account can be linked to the savings account. You can do this after you link your demat account to your trading account. This way you can seamlessly buy securities using your savings account. Here’s how to open a trading account.

 You will be given an account opening form. You need to fill it up and submit it along with documents such as copies of your PAN card and driving license.
 You need to go through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. You can even opt for e-KYC if your broker offers the same.
 Your documents will be verified against the original identity proof provided.
 Once your application is processed, you will get an account number and/or customer ID. You can use these to access your account online.
 Note that you might need to pay annual maintenance charges for your account. This differs from one broker to another.
 Your trading account provided by the broker can be linked to your demat account and you can perform transactions through this account.
 You, of course, need to pay charges for your transactions. Some brokers charge a flat rate for transactions while some charge on a per transaction basis. Choose one based on how often you are planning to trade.

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thank you