Difference between “Third Party Insurance” and “Comprehensive Insurance”

What is the difference between “Third Party Insurance” and “Comprehensive Insurance”?

Car or vehicle insurance is very important today because of increased traffic and commute. It gives you peace of mind in case of any accidents or emergency. The major types of insurance are third party insurance and comprehensive insurance.

Third party insurance covers the damage or liabilities caused by your vehicle to any other vehicle. Third party insurance compensates your mistake caused inadvertently.

Comprehensive insurance covers everything, i.e. damage your vehicle, theft of your vehicle, damage caused to others’ vehicle and properties. Comprehensive insurance varies in features and you can add as many features. Most of the companies include other features such as road side assistance such as emergency repair, towing etc.
It is important to take third party insurance of comprehensive insurance. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


Third party cover in a Car Insurance policy is a mandatory inclusion by law. This protects the vehicle owner from legal liabilities as a result of accidental damages that have caused permanent injury or death of a third party.

A third-party motor insurance policy is basically signed between two parties, the insured and the insurer. So, third party refers to the people who are neither the insured nor the insurer. They can be occupants of a different vehicle, co-passengers of another car, pedestrians, etc. Third-Party Insurance includes liability for bodily injuries or death of the third party in the event of an accident. However, you must remember that this type of insurance policy will not offer coverage for any injury to you, death or damage to your own vehicle. It also does not offer coverage for your co-passengers. So, even though third party cover is mandatory for your car, if you are looking for an insurance cover that will protect you, your loved ones in the car and your vehicle too, then you must go for Comprehensive Insurance.

Things that are not covered under Car Insurance

 General wear and tear caused due to the ageing of your car
 Electrical or mechanical breakdown
 Damage caused by a person or to a person driving a vehicle with no valid licence
 Damage caused by a person or to a person driving under the influence of liquor or drugs
 Damage or loss caused due to nuclear risk, mutiny or war
 Claims that arise out of any contractual liability

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A top-up Health Insurance plan, as the name implies provides additional cover, typically over and above the current available limit, at lower premium amounts. It can be considered as a safety net which helps you in case you exceed certain limits. Under a normal Health Insurance plan, the insurer pays the amount which an individual is insured for, but there could be cases when the expenses exceed this amount, which is where a top-up plan comes into play.

However, a top-up insurance policy has certain drawbacks when it comes to its implementation, which can be resolved by opting for a super top-up policy. Unlike a top-up plan which pays only if the threshold limit on a regular policy is exceeded on a single hospitalisation, a super top-up provides cover over the threshold limit in multiple cases.

If you only want additional cover, go for top-up or super top-up. In case you want a better Health Insurance with better features, then you will have to choose another policy.

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Third Party Insurance: When you damage the third party vehicle, then your third party insurance covers your liabilities towards third party in case of accident.

Comprehensive Insurance: Comprehensive Insurance provides coverage to your vehicle from damage as well as liabilities towards third party loss.

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