Do i need to get power of attorney registered?


I am planning to give power of attorney to my relative for disposing off a property in a different city. Do i need to get power of attorney registered?


As per the supreme court of India if the power of attorney is for execution and registration of documents then one does not have to get it registered. For all other transactions the power of attorney should be registered. Power of attorney is an important document and must be made only after due deliberation. Be aware of the risks associated with a power of attorney. If you sign a power of attorney with someone who becomes dishonest in the future, it can cause many problems.


Hi Sourav,

A Power Of Attorney (POA) is an instrument through which authority is conferred on somebody else to legally act on their behalf. POA can be of two types — Special POA (SPOA) and General POA (GPOA). While SPOA is used for only for transferring specific right to the person on whom it is conferred, GPOA gives the one who is conferred to do whatever is necessary. This is the reason why registering a GPOA is compulsory. It is not necessary to register a SPOA. However, attestation may be required. We suggest that you contact your legal counsel for clarity.

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