Documents for insurance death claim


What are the documents to submit when seeking a death claim for insurance?



The first and most important step is informing the insurance company of the death of the insured. There are two classifications for death according to insurance companies – an ‘early death’ and a ‘non-early death’. These are based on the time from when the policy was taken.

An early death is one wherein the insured dies within three years of having taken the policy. The documents necessary for claiming insurance for the two types of death can vary. Approach the insurance company and obtain the claim intimation form. At the same time, you could also ask them for the necessary documents that you need to produce for the claim. For online insurance policies, you can apply online for the form.

Generally, a death claim would require these documents:

The death certificate

Original policy documents

ID proof of the beneficiary

Age proof of insurer

Discharge form (executed and witnessed)

Medical certificate (as proof for cause of death)

Police FIR (in case of unnatural death)

Post-mortem report (in case of unnatural death)

Hospital records/certificate (if the deceased died due to an illness)

Cremation certificate and employer certificate (in case of early death)

As a claimant, you should make the insurance claim immediately following the death of the insured. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents with you too.

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