Getting A Loan From Branch of Account exist vs other Branch?


Hi All,
I need to know, whether any difference in interest while getting loan from same branch (Account cureent i have) than some other branch.

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There will be no difference in the rate of interest which is linked to the bank base rate. The rate of interest depends on each bank as it calculates its base rate. Within the same bank but different branches the rate remains constant without any changes. Of course approaching the branch where you have an account slightly increases the chances of you getting a loan as they are aware of your financial dealings with the bank.


Hi Gopi,

If you have a relationship with the bank, it might offer a discount on the interest rate for your loan. Considering the bank where you already have your salary account is a good way to get the best rates. If you default on the loan, they always have an option to block the money from your account, thus making you a safer candidate.

If the bank has a tie-up with your company, it may help you get better rates based on the employer-bank relationship. You can also consider the bank where you have a good FD or the one where you took a home loan, as long as your track record is clean.

This will only differ from one bank to another and might not differ from one branch to another within the bank.

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