Health insurance and accident


Do health insurance policies cover accidents?



Nowadays, many Health Insurance companies provide a certain amount of accidental coverage along with the health cover. But, the terms are clearly specified in the policy and there may be additional charges. It’s always advisable to pay a little extra and include the personal accident insurance in your regular policy to avoid any conflicts or claim denials at a later stage.

Not all Health Insurance companies have a compulsory accidental coverage added to your regular Health Insurance. However, they do allow you to opt for a special rider like personal accident insurance. So, make sure to ask for it when taking a policy! For those companies which do provide an accidental coverage by default, there is likely to be an upper limit on the cover for different medical services. For instance, insurance companies can have an upper ceiling on the cost of the ambulance, hospital room, doctor’s fees, etc.

Always read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that accidental coverage is a part of your regular Health Insurance policy. You may also ask the insurance consultant to make sure that it’s included. You may have to pay a higher premium amount if you wish to include personal accident insurance cover in your regular policy.

You can also include a personal accident cover as part of your Car Insurance policy if you do not already have the accidental charges covered by your health policy.

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