Help regarding education loan


sir i took a education loan of 203000 in2009 and my father started paying 1000rs every mnth from jan2009 .sir my father had an accident in2014 and was paralysed he passed away in agust 2016 my account became npa in2017 .I requested bank for settlement they said to pay insterst per mnth as their is no ots scheme now in decmeber they called me to lok adalat and my loan was settled for117000 till april 9th.but i couldnt arrange mny so i went to main branch again and racpc official asked me to wait for next settlement schme but someone gave me suggestion to talk to my nearest branch from where i got loan.
I along with my mother requested branch manager n said we can somehow arrange 117000 plz in 3mnths and requested for ots ,he spoke to some official in main branch and said ur request is accepted but u have to deposite 50000 now and my mother did.he told me to deposite rest 67000 till july 23th which i did on 11th .on 11th after depositing mny branch manager asked me to come after 2weeks for noc but after 3weeks went i went he asked me to go to main branch when i went their they said no proposal for ots came .when i came back to nearest branch manager he asked me to talk to manage of the same branch .when i spoke to her she said come after 2days .
now today she said it was slip of tongue of branch manager.he is human and he was just a small human error that he said whatever he told u.

What should i do.hw can it b considered as slip of tongue he didnt told me that my plea for ots was not accpeted whn i went to deposite 67000.i was in touch with him all this time he didnt said anything .He even put stamp and signature on my application then now they r saying its a slip of tongue.
i was all the time requesting him to give me in written about ots settlemt he said i m their my word doesnt have a value or what .he was so sure that he asked me to come for noc as well.

i dont know wht to do
i beg of u