Home Insurance for burglary

Are there any home insurance plans for burglary? Is so please do suggest an ideal burglary insurance plan.

Yes, you can opt for a household insurance policy that covers the structural damage as well as the household valuable items like furniture, jewelry, electronic items etc and losses due to theft or burglary. You can select plans from wide range of options available in the market. Following are some good household/burglary policy :

  • SBI General’s Burglary Policy
  • Bharti AXA home insurance: It covers losses from fire, burglary, waylaying, snatching.
  • Burglary Policy by The New India Assurance Co
  • Oriental Insurance’s Burglary and House breaking policy. You can also opt for Householders insurance policy along with add-on of burglary and theft cover.
  • Reliance Burglary and House Breaking Insurance policy.

If you intends to add little extra premium than I would suggest you to opt for a household insurance policy with add-on cover of burglary because it would also protect you more comprehensively. However you can always get protection from burglary specific risk with above mentioned policies. The policies of Oriental and New India Assurance are very popular and own good share in the market. However you can compare the premium and local services before finalizing the policy.


Getting Home Insurance is important, especially when you buy yourself a new home because it provides much-needed protection against calamities, burglary, theft, fire and man-made mishaps.

Most Home Insurance plans cover two kinds of property damages:

Damage to the structure of your property – These plans cover only damage caused to the structure of the property. If you opt for this plan, you can claim the construction cost if any damage is caused to your property by any of the unlikely events mentioned in the policy document.

Damage to contents of your property – These plans offer compensation for any damage caused to the contents of your property such as the furniture, appliances, jewellery, etc. due to any of the events mentioned in the policy document.

In addition to the covers mentioned above, there are a lot of add-on covers available too. Some of the common add-on covers are rent cover, terrorism cover, and burglary/theft cover.

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