Home Loan Transfer


Should I transfer my HDFC home loan to some other nationalized bank?
Outstanding Loan – 16 lakhs
Tenure – 16 years
Loan Paid – 3 years
Interest Rate – 10.5%


Nationalized banks such as Union bank of India and IOB provides home loans at a floating rate of interest of 10.25%. A difference of 0.5% in your interest will definitely save you a handful of money. Since you have done repayment only for 3 years, it is important that you transfer your home loan at the earliest possible.


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You can look at transferring your Home Loan as interest rates have fallen. Now, you can get a Home Loan with an interest rate of just 8.5%. However, you could ask HDFC if they have revised their rates and if they are willing to provide you with lower rates. If you think their rates are not good enough, you can opt for a balance transfer. You must compare across banks to get the best loan on the best terms. So, don’t look at just nationalised banks. Compare across private banks, public sector banks, and housing finance institutions. You can click here to check your eligibility and apply for a Home Loan - https://www.bankbazaar.com/home-loan.html.

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