How Can Apply for credit card in icici bank


I am filling ITR return from last 3 years can apply for credit in bank.
Now i am currently working in this company.

Please help how to apply for credit card.


Dear Sakshi,

You can apply for credit card in ICICI Bank with three simple steps.

  1. Register. Apply for a Credit Card online by filling an easy application form.
  2. Select a Credit Card. Choose a Credit Card which best suits your needs and lifestyle.
  3. Get Approved. Receive approval on your ICICI Bank Credit Card.


Hi Sakshipackers,

Customers can apply for Credit Cards on BankBazaar by following the easy steps given below. Once you visit the ‘Credit Card’ page, you will find an option titled, ‘Compare cards’. A drop down will indicate various filters. Using these filters, you can compare cards based on the selected criteria. These filters include - Name of the Bank, Type of Rewards available, Fee for the first year and Networks. Just below these filters, you will be able to see a list of all the Credit Cards that are available with their basic details as well. You can either click on the ‘explore’ option to procure information about the card or can check your eligibility for the same.

• You can filter the cards (of course it might be inconvenient to go through so much information!) on the basis of Banks, Rewards type, 1st-year fee and Networks.
• Currently, there are cards from 8 different banks - Citibank, HDFC Bank, IndusInd Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, American Express, SBI, HSBC Bank and Axis Bank. Customers can select the bank(s) of their choice.
• The ‘Rewards type’ includes Rewards points, Airline cards, Premium cards, Fuel cards, Lifestyle cards, and Shopping and Cashback cards. Applicants can choose the card that is most suited to them, based on their requirements.
• 1st-year fee can be selected using the slider to adjust the amount, or entering the amount in the column and clicking on ‘Done’.
• Networks service providers such as Visa, AMEX, MasterCard and Diners Club International can also be selected from the filter.
• Applicants can also sort the cards based on the 1st-year fee, Popularity or Joining Perks. The ‘Filter’ and ‘Sort By’ allow them to find the exact type of cards that they are looking for, instead of spending time looking through something that is unnecessary.
• The ‘Explore’ option against a card will open up more details about the card. This information includes Features and Benefits of the card, User reviews, Eligibility, Documents required, Fees and charges and frequently asked questions.
• If customers require details in brief, then they can also click the small ‘Details’ tab below the card name.

Looking for a Credit Card? Click here.

BB Expert