How often should one check his credit score


How often should one check his credit score?


Most people only worry about their credit score before taking a loan and if they find their score is too low it gives them no chance to repair it. There is no fixed timeline but make it a point to check on your credit score periodically as per your financial transactions and loans. This way you are aware about your credit score and plan short term and long term financial goals to improve it even further.


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You can check your Credit Score as many times as you want. This will not affect your Credit Score in any way. Checking your Credit Score is known as a soft enquiry and will not have a negative impact on your Credit Score. However, enquires by financial institutions are deemed to be hard enquiries. Every time a financial institution checks your Credit Score, your score goes down marginally. So, applying for too many financial products, such as loans or Credit Cards, at the same time, might lower your Credit Score. It is advisable to check your Credit Score before applying for a loan or a Credit Card. Checking it at least once a year will help you ensure that your credit report is error free. Want to check your Credit Score for free? Click here.

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You can check your credit report at least once a year or before applying for a loan, if not more often, as part of your normal financial management practices.