How soon can i get a CAN number


Where do i apply for a CAN number? How soon is it allocated?


You can get a CAN number by following a simple sign up process after filling in the forms available at MFU website or by visiting the link You will need to attach details of your PAN card, proof for date of birth as per your KYC details along with a proof of bank account to apply for CAN. The CAN number is allocated in about a week’s time in most cases.


Hi Dhyan,

Common Account Number (CAN) is used to track your Mutual Fund investment portfolio.

The Mutual Fund Utilities (MFU), which is a shared service platform of asset management companies provides you with CAN.

For getting your CAN, you have to do is register on the MFU platform and obtain the number. You can also get this done online or at AMC (Asset Management Company) offices or POS (Point Of Sale) locations.

As an investor you will have to provide document copies while registering for a CAN. This will include documents like;

self-attested copy of your PAN card

self-attested copy of your bank statement or cancelled cheque, or letter from your bank manager

if applicable, necessary documents pertaining to FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)

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