How to get a UAN number?


How to get a UAN number?


To get a UAN number you will need to get in touch with the existing employer. UANs for each employee are available with his or her employer. You will however need to visit the UAN based member portal website at and active your UAN by clicking on the Activate your UAN link and fulfilling your KYC norms.


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The Universal Account Number (UAN) is provided to all Employee Provident Fund (EPF) account holders. All your Provident Fund account (with different employers) will come under the same UAN. Your employer will provide you with the UAN number. If not, go to Fill in your EPF details and check the status of your UAN. Once your UAN has been allotted, you need to activate it in order to use it. If you are unemployed but want a UAN, go to the EPF website to register for UAN. You can use your UAN number to check your EPF account balance and apply for withdrawals.

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