How to get credit card without credit score

Willing to have credit card but i have no credit history of any kind viz no loan so far. so cibil credit score not sufficient to have credit card as replied by sbicard. What to do next?


We are sorry about your situation. But, you will have to build your Credit Score before you can get a Credit Card. Applying for too many cards within a short span of time will also lead to rejection of your applications. The best way for a first-timer to build a Credit Score is to become a co-applicant for a loan. You could be a co-applicant along with your parents or a close relative who already have good Credit Scores and who make regular loan repayments on time. Every time they repay the loan, your Credit Score goes up. You can also try and get a Credit Card against a Fixed Deposit. This will also help you build your score. Read this post to understand how Credit Score works -

Once you have a good Credit Score, you can click here to apply for a Credit Card.

BB Expert