I want business lone upto 500000 I have it returns for last 4. years file is ready with updated shopact but my proposal is not login because of low bank transactions which is 25% of it turnover Will I get lone I have no previous lone from any bank


Gross incom is around 350000


Loans for self employed people are sanctioned against the income as shown in your ITRs. Also, it is expected to have good bank transactions as a proof that you are stable in your business.

You said you are filing tax for the last 4 years, but how much you are showing as your annual income? It is against this amount only, your loan will be sanctioned.

Also, if you are paying good IT, the business transactions will be through bank. If not, how how you were carrying your bank transactions? Banks would ask all these questions before they approve a business loan.

Not to worry, you can opt for loan against property, gold loan, loan against security or loan against shares…options are many to raise money for a business porpose. If ytou are having home loan, you can apply for Top up loan against it, which can be used for business purpose.


Loan is Possible …



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Hi directorrohan,

Considering your gross income is quite high (if it is Rs. 3.5 lakhs per month), you should be able to get a loan from most banks. However, there’s no way of knowing for sure since banks take many factors into consideration before approving a loan application. Chief among these factors is your Credit Score. You can check your Credit Score for free on the BankBazaar site. If your score is low, we suggest you take steps to improve it as soon as possible to give you a better chance of getting a loan sanctioned.

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