If I take travel insurance does that cover hospitalization charges?


If I take travel insurance does that cover hospitalization charges?


Unless the travel insurance is a domestic travel insurance plan, most travel plans offer you a
hospitalization cover. This alone is a great reason to never leave home without a travel insurance plan. So if you are traveling overseas you are better off taking a travel insurance plan offering cover for hospitalization costs.


Do travel insurance policies cover pre existing disease?


Most travel insurance plans do not offer coverage for pre existing diseases unless it is a life threatening situation. Some travel insurance plans however do offer coverage for a few pre existing diseases especially the common ones like diabetes and high BP. It is best to check
with the insurance service provider about complete details about coverage for any pre existing disease.


Is there any travel insurance covering for any damages done at the time of river rafting?


Yes IMPS funds transfers are instant and you can transfer funds even on Sundays and public
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Hi Sooraj,
Most travel insurance plans taken for foreign trips cover hospitalisation charges. They will cover medical expenses in case of illnesses and accidents while you are abroad. There are policies that cover pre-existing illnesses too. However, for this you might have to pay a higher premium. You have to make sure that the policy covers both pre and post-hospitalisation charges. There are policies that offer cashless claims too.
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Yes, most of the insurance companies do cover hospitalisation charges , which does have a capping(in terms of amount). However it may have some terms and condition, which is mentioned on the policy brochure.


Hi Meera adventure sport is an common exclusion in travel insurance policies.River rafting is a part of adventure sport.So any damage caused due to river rafting will not be covered in any travel insurance policy


Hi Sourav,

Most Travel Insurance plans don’t cover pre-existing diseases. Some of the generic inclusions and exclusions are given below.

International Travel Insurance Policy Cover Inclusions:
• Medical Expenditures
• Medical Evacuation
• Medical Repatriation
• Emergency dental pain relief
• Loss of Checked Luggage
• Delay of Luggage
• Personal Accident (Permanent/ Temporary Incapacitation or Demise)
• Loss of passport and/ or other important documents
• Personal Accountability
• Hijack
• Delay of Trip
• Emergency Cash Advance

International Travel Insurance Exclusions:
• Pre-existing medical condition and related complications.
• If you travel against the advice of the doctor.
• Medical expenses once the policy is expired.
• Travelling for medical purposes.
• Suicide, attempted suicide or deliberately self-inflicted injury or illness, mental disorder (such as depression, stress, anxiety, nervousness etc), anxiety/stress/depression/nervousness having no underlying physical illness as a cause; venereal disease, inebriation, or drug abuse.
• Risky employment, self-exposure to unnecessary danger (except when trying to save someone), being involved in any unlawful act.
• Complications related to pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion or childbirth.
• Treatments other than allopathy.
• The cost of eye glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, crutches and other external appliances and/or devices.
• Delay of baggage when you return.
• If passport is confiscated or detained by customs, police or other authority figures.
• If the loss is not reported to police in 24 hours.

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