Indianoil citi card


Does Indianoil citi card give free fuel? Is there any fees for the card?



Using the IndianOil Citi Platinum Card, you earn Turbo Points on all your purchases. You earn more when you use your Card at authorized IndianOil Outlets for fuel purchases:

4 Turbo Points on Rs.150 of fuel purchases at authorized IndianOil Retail Outlets across the country.

2 Turbo Points on Rs.150 at grocery and supermarkets.

1 Turbo Point on Rs.150 spent elsewhere like Shopping, Dining and more.

With the Flexible Rewards Redemption Program,

Redeem your Turbo Points for free fuel at over 1200+ authorized IndianOil Retail Outlets across the country. 1 Turbo Point gives you Rs.1 of free fuel.

Redeem instantly at select merchant outlets and online partners.

Redeem for gift vouchers across major brands.

Here’s how you can get 71 litres of free fuel with the card.

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