Is cashless really cashless?


Can all expenses be claimed under cashless? Is it all cashless or do we still have to pay money when we have opted for cashless?



People opt for a Health Insurance policy expecting they won’t be required to pay money in the event of a medical emergency. While this is true to some extent, there are certain caveats attached to the cashless facility one should be aware of. You are allowed to claim cashless hospitalisation benefit if you get the treatment in the network hospital, which is mentioned in the policy document list.

Also, there are situations when the insurer may not be able to identify the insured on time, and the hospital may ask the insured to settle the bill from his/her own pocket. In this case, an exorbitant hospital bill can cause considerable stress.

To avoid such situations, you must check whether the hospital is listed in the policy document for a cashless facility or not. It is always advisable to get a pre-approval from the insurance company to avoid any authorisation delay. Even after taking all precautions, you being unable to avail a cashless facility shouldn’t be a big worry.

You can always get the money reimbursed by completing the procedure prescribed by the insurance company. Normally the money is reimbursed in 15 to 30 days of filing the request.

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