Is Digilocker free?


Is Digilocker free to use?




The Government of India launched the Digital Locker Scheme in February 2015. Digital Locker Scheme can be used by Indian residents to save their important documents. It acts as a personal electronic space for saving documents. Whether you are looking for a safe place to save your Aadhar card or preserve your marriage certificate, you can do so using the Digital Locker Scheme. Retrieving lost documents can be a very hectic process. With the Digital Locker Scheme, you do not have to worry about losing documents. DigiLocker facility is one of the key initiatives introduced under the Digital India Programme. This service is offered free of cost.

Features of DigiLocker

Safety of documents: Losing important documents is troublesome, so is saving your documents in a safe place. DigiLocker provides secure access to all your documents as it uses authenticity services provided by Aadhaar.

Say goodbye to physical documents: DigiLocker allows Indian residents to share documents online across all government agencies which eliminates the need to carry physical documents all the time. It also takes the digital world to the next step. Citizens don’t have to carry a big file of documents everywhere.

Personal e-storage space: DigiLocker also encourages citizens to have a personal document storage space. This personal storage space is linked to their Aadhaar number and is secured by sophisticated technology.

Less paperwork: DigiLocker reduces or eliminates the need for paperwork and brings down manual labour that goes into sorting out documents received by government agencies.

Less administrative work and cost: Government agencies are loaded with documents. A lot of resources like files, paper, storage area, and manpower are required to safeguard these documents. Administrative costs are really high in government sector. If administrative work is reduced it directly reduces the administrative costs incurred by the government.

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