Is travel insurance worth it?


I need to travel overseas and I am a little skeptical as I have some expensive equipment I carry for my work. Say if any loss of baggage occurs overseas, will travel insurance help?


Yes travel insurance will safeguard you against loss of luggage and loss of important documents while on travel. If you ever encounter loss of baggage or personal documents file a FIR with the local police station. You must submit a certified copy of the FIR along with a photocopy of your passport at the time of claim filling. Also original or certified copies of valuation certificates are needed for claims involving precious items.



Travel Insurance can protect you from a number of hassles that you could face when you are abroad. It covers many events including the following.

Trip Delays And Cancellation: Trip cancellation and delays are among the most common issues faced by travellers. Many Travel Insurance plan offer reimbursement for delayed and cancelled flights. When talking about flight delays, most insurance plans accept a claim under the condition that the flight was delayed for a minimum number of hours. Make sure you have the details on this clause. Ask your insurance company if they will cover non-refundable tickets and all other expenses that arise out of a delay. The more costs your insurance plan covers, the better it will be.

Missing Connecting Flights: If you miss your connecting flights, or your hotel booking gets cancelled due to the delay, your insurance plan can cover you for these losses.

Loss Of Checked-In Baggage: After flight delays and cancellation, the next most common issue faced by travellers is loss of checked-in baggage or damage to bags. Your insurance plan can cover loss or damage to your check-in baggage.

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