Is verification needed for revised ITR


Do we need to send a revised return for verification too?


Yes once you file a revised ITR you will need to send the same for verification. You can use either physical verification or e-verification as per your convenience. For physical verification process you will need to send both your original ITR and the revised one to CPC Bengaluru.


Hi Sooraj,

The process of filing your tax return does not end with submitting your return to the Income Tax (IT) Department. You also need to verify the same. To make things easier, the IT department has allowed e-verification where you no longer need to send the physical copy of your ITR to the Bengaluru-based Central Processing Centre (CPC).

An Electronic Verification Code (EVC) is a 10-digit alphanumeric code generated by the Income Tax Department. This code is needed for e-verification of your Income Tax return. Once an EVC is generated by the IT Department, it remains valid for 72 hours. If not used within that period, it will have to be regenerated for the e-verification process.

An EVC can be generated in multiple ways including by logging into your internet banking account, linking your Aadhaar card with your one-time password or Aadhaar OTP, or by visiting the website of the IT Department and logging in using your PAN card.

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