ITR error rectify

How to rectify ITR errors?


An online rectification can be filed only if the Income Tax Return was filed online. To rectify your ITR online, you need to follow the below steps:

Sign in to the Income Tax e-Filing website. The username is generally your PAN.

Go to My Account > Rectification Request.

The PAN will be pre-entered on this screen. Select ‘Return to be rectified’ as ‘Income Tax Return’ and the correct assessment year.

Fill in the communication reference number, which will be available on the CPC order/intimation.

Click ‘Validate’.

On the next page, choose ‘Rectification Request Type’.

If your rectification is related to tax credit mismatch, select the option ‘Taxpayer is correcting data for Tax Credit Mismatch only’. Under this, there are 3 options: TDS on Other Than Salary Details, TCS Details and IT Details.

For each of the options, data from the ITR will already be pre-filled. You can input up to 10 corrected entries in each section. ITR need not be uploaded again.

For other rectification reasons, you need to select ‘Taxpayer is correcting Data in Rectification’. There are 22 reasons listed here; you can choose up to 4 of these reasons. The reasons given include:

Tax payments had not matched as per the CPC order

Requesting for cancellation of the adjustment of earlier year(s) demand

Details of deduction under Chapter VIA wrongly considered

Salary income not matched

Current year losses were not set off correctly

Date of filing of the original return taken as ‘not within due date’

If neither of the above options apply to you, then you need to select ‘No further Data Correction Required. Reprocess the case’. Under this, you’ll see 3 options: Tax Credit Mismatch, Gender Mismatch and Tax/Interest Computation. Tick the box for which reprocessing is needed. You can view your Form 26AS details and Tax Credit Mismatch details through this page to ensure that your response is correct.

Submit the details and confirm the pop-up about Form 26AS.

Click ‘OK’ for the rectification to be submitted.

If your rectification is successful, you will see a note on submission and transaction ID details on the screen.

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