Lawyer for a cheque bounce case

Do I need to hire a lawyer to send notice for a cheque bounce case?


Almost every bank gives you a ‘cheque return memo’ along with the returned cheque stating the reason for the bounce. If you hold the cheque, you can inform the drawer about this and ask if it can be presented again to the bank within the 3 months period. However, this is not necessary.

If you want, you can send a legal notice to the defaulter within a period of 30 days from receiving the cheque return memo. The notice should contain all necessary facts of the matter, including the details of when the cheque was dishonoured. It is best to get this vetted by a lawyer just to ensure that all the necessary information is contained in the notice. The defaulter needs to make a fresh payment within a period of 15 days from the receipt of this notice.

However, if he/she still doesn’t make the payment within this time period, then you can file a complaint in the magistrate court. This case should be filed within a maximum period of 1 month from the date of expiry of the 15 days’ time period. If you are serious about pursuing the case, a lawyer can be of immense help.

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