Lost of partition deed


I lost my original partition deed .But have certified copy of it but bank not allowing it.How will i get duplicate of original partition deed


Hi Aswin,

If you lose your original documents, the first thing that you need to do is lodge a First Information Report (FIR). This you can do at your local police station near your home. Give all the details of your documents. You should have a document registration number and all the details about who the owners of the document are. Once you file the FIR, keep a copy of the same with you. This FIR should have the complaint number and also the signature of the police personnel who handled the complaint. You can get a stamp of the police department too. Once the FIR is in place, the police will hunt for your documents and if they are not able to find it, they will have to issue a non-traceable certificate.

You shouldn’t stop at filing an FIR. You will have to issue advertisements in the papers with the document details as well as when it went missing. You need to invite people to claim the property with a time period of 30 days. Usually no claims are received and you can approach a lawyer and get a letter stating that no claims were received for the property. Once this is done, you need to prepare an affidavit that says that the document is lost. It should have all the details of the document, the FIR and the advertisements.

After getting the affidavit ready, give a copy of the affidavit, the FIR, advertisements and certified copy to your bank. Banks usually accept these.

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