Max interest rate


hi i have 1 lakh rupees where should i invest to get max profit thanks


if you are ready to take high risk of market then for better return ;

  1. Equity (Shares)
  2. Mutual Fund
    Note: above investment is subject to market risk

or else for minimum return,

  1. FD
  2. PPF
  3. Govt Bonds
  4. RD etc


yes i have applied in axisdirect it will be activated in a week can you please provide a link to learn trading as i am a beginner and dont have bcom background thanks


you may have a look at below links;


Hi hg,

You need someone to facilitate your investments in shares. Here’s where a broker comes in. So, you need to get a good broker to invest in the stock market. There are two types of brokers. One is the online broker and the other is, of course, the offline one. Usually, the online broker works on the discount model and their charges are way cheaper than the offline ones. But note that they may or may not provide the best of services. Also, offline brokers who have an established practice and have a wide network of offices might have an edge on newer online brokers when it comes to expertise. If you are a novice investor, an offline broker might be better for you as they will have experts that you can talk to. Don’t choose a broker blindly or based on advertisements. You need to read about brokers and their services. Get as much information as you can about them by talking to people. Ideally talk to someone who is currently using the services of the broker.

Never start investing on your own. Take the advice of an expert. It is best to approach a financial planner who will tell you how you should invest based on your financial situation and risk appetite. Talk to friends and family members who invest. Read books, journals and newspapers for guidance. You can talk to your stock broker for advice but don’t listen to everything he says. Always take a second opinion as brokers might have vested interests. When you start investing, it is best to go for known names and big firms that have a good business reputation. Still not sure? Start by investing in Mutual Funds.
Mutual Funds invest in stocks on your behalf. Investing in a Mutual Fund is the best way to start your journey into the stock market. Equity diversified funds are the ones you should start with. These funds invest across different companies so your risks are lowered. You can even opt for an Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS). This will help you save tax.

Looking for a Mutual Fund? Click here to invest.

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