My HDFC Debit card is blocked

I made foreign trade using my CREDIT CARD, and it was blocked. When I called the customer care they said its the RBI rule. Okay agreed. But now my Debit card is blocked saying I made a foreign trade. But I made Foreign trade using only my CREDIT CARD, but my DEBIT CARD is blocked. Can someone give me an explanation. I tried calling the customer care regarding this, and they know nothing. Will my Account get blocked too?

Hi Yadu,

The only way to re-activate your blocked HDFC credit card is to call the bank’s customer care and request for the same. This option is available only when the bank blocks your card for any late payments or over limit spends. Unblocking your HDFC credit card online, which means using your net banking, is not available at the moment.

All cards issued post 2013 are blocked for international transactions as per RBI guidelines. You will have to give a request to unblock your card for international use before you purchase on an international website. Your account may not be blocked but just your Debit Card might be blocked. If the customer care is of no help, walk into the nearest branch and take their help in unblocking your card.

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