Name change after marriage


I am thinking of changing my surname after marriage, what should be my approach towards my credit card and also my cibil. Does it impact my credit score negatively?


If you are planning to change your name after marriage, you will need to update your change in name with your bank and credit score institutions like CIBIL, your credit card issuing bank etc.
Even with a change of your name, your previous debt history is not dropped from your credit profile but is simply carried forward under your new name.


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An individual is identified by his/her name found in the official records. So, when you make changes to your original name, you must go ahead and update that new name in all the places where it matters. This must be done so that you do not face any confusion or trouble later with the lender. In case you changed your name or even the spelling of your name recently and are wondering how it can have an impact on your credit history, here’s some useful insight.

Changing your name or its spelling or even changing your surname after marriage or divorce has no impact on your CIBIL Score/Credit Score or credit history. When your name is changed, it is expected that you will inform your bank about it. In turn, this will ensure that your personal data and documents are updated accordingly. So, when you update the bank or the lender that you have changed your name or surname, that information goes to the credit bureaus too. The records get automatically modified and the credit score remains the same.

However, the data might not get updated instantly. This can surely create some confusion and you might face some delays when you make an application for a new loan or Credit Card as the lender will not be able to assess all your credentials properly. It is of utmost importance that you notify the credit bureau proactively.

In case you are a diligent credit user, you must already know that you must constantly improve your credit score. Credit Score check must also be carried out often to keep a track of your credit report. You can write to credit bureaus to ensure that there is no delay from their side in updating your name or surname. You may also choose to raise a dispute and state that you need your name to be corrected.

Whether you raise a dispute or write to them, you must provide the following details in support of your claim:

Your current full name.

Your full name that is registered with the bank or the lender.

Your complete address as per registers.

Your Aadhaar number in case it is linked to the loan account.

Name change proof like any legal document indicating the change in name. This can include marriage certificate.

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