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I have missed renewing my car insurance by7 days as I was traveling. Will this now impact my NCB? I have no previous claims.


Insurance company can deny no claim bonus is when there is a break of more than 90 days between insurance periods counted from the date of expiry of the old insurance. So a 7 day delay may not be any cause of worry for your to retain your NCB claim for premium discount. Still check the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to check the exact number of days
allowed as per your policy.


Hi Sooraj,

If your Car Insurance has expired, you might not be able to use your No Claim Bonus (NCB). However, car insurers offer different terms and conditions on their policies. Some companies offer grace periods to give you some time to pay the premium and renew your policy. This period can range between 3 days and 30 days. Some companies impose a late fee for using the grace period.

Not all companies offer this period. If you do not have a grace period, then your policy will expire on the due date. In case you are granted a grace period, be sure not to overuse it or take advantage of it. Use it only when you absolutely need it.

If you are renewing your policy after the due date, here are some pointers:

• Ensure you have a grace period. Ask for this information from your agent or insurer.
• Be aware of fees and charges for using the grace period.
• Making late payments can disrupt your future payment schedule.
• You may face issues with renewing your policy if you consistently pay during the grace period.
• When you are renewing your policy, ensure you have paid all dues including late fees.
• Also make sure any changes that have to be made to your policy is done accurately.

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Hi Meera,

If water has entered the car, insurers tend to reject the claim as they feel that the policyholder should have been more cautious and the situation could have been avoided. This is known as consequential damage. Consequential damage occurs when the policyholder uses the car despite clear red flags. Driving along a flooded road when there is another option, knowing that it can lead to engine failure is one instance. Insurance companies show zero tolerance to claims of this nature.

There are also other reasons why claims can be denied.

Personal car for commercial use
If you have bought a personal car insurance, but the accident has occurred when you were using your car for commercial purposes (like hiring it out as a cab or use for official trip), then your claim will be rejected without a second thought.

Intoxicated driver
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a crime. And insurance companies will only be happy to toss your claim into the reject bin if this allegation is proved.

However, natural deterioration due to regular use of a car is unavoidable and hence you cannot be indemnified against this. This wear and tear consists of weakening of engine, scuffing of brakes, suspension, peeling of paint or slight abrasion of the interiors, as well as minor dents or nicks to the exterior while in use.

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