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My name is suresh residing in khammam.Recently My loan was regected by DHFL due to bad CIBIL any banks in khammam that are offer loans with out CIBIL report?


Dear Mr. Suresh,

All lending institutions are required to check the applicant’s Credit Bureau Report and Score before giving a loan.

If your CIBIL score is bad, it is advisable to obtain your CIBIL report and score and check the details on your report. If your report contains any information which does not belong to you, you can raise a dispute with the bureau and have it corrected. This may improve your score. If you have previously defaulted on a credit facility, you will need to build your credit history by showing good credit behaviour. This will improve your score.



Credit score verification is the basic criteria while applying for any bank loan. Normally banks seek a CIBIL score of 700+, but higher the score better it is. It is very important to check the CIBIL score before applying for a bank loan. In your case, if the loan is rejected due to bad CIBIL score, you should first verify the actual score and reason for such a low score. If you have really mashed up with your credit history with EMI default, cheque bounces etc, then no financial institution would be considering your case until you improve the score. If bank has refused because of low score due to lack of credit history then you can approach other banks and make a fresh application with proper justification. There is a chance that in the past you would have closed a loan but the lending institution might still be showing it as outstanding with CIBIL; you can request the bank to report the loan closer with CIBIL in such case. You must analyze the CIBIL report and find the problem, before proceeding with another loan application.


Hi Sureshkathroj,

It might be difficult to get a loan with a bad Credit Score. It is better to improve your Credit Score before applying for a loan. There are many ways to improve your Credit Score.

Get A New Credit Card
Contrary to popular belief, getting a new Credit Card doesn’t lower your score. It actually helps improve your score. The fact that lenders are willing to give you new credit is good for your Credit Score. There are two other reasons why a new Credit Card will help.

Higher Credit Limit
Taking a new card increases your Credit Limit and reduces your Credit utilisation ratio. The more credit you are offered, the more trustworthy you look to other lending institutions.

Try Balance Transfer
You can transfer your existing balance on your Credit Card to the new one. So, essentially while increasing your overall Credit Limit, you can also pay down your balance.
Tip: Find a Credit Card that comes with no or low interest rate. This way you pay back your balance without shelling out a lot of interest.

Fix The Errors
Get your Credit Report and find out if there are any errors in it. Every error can lower your Credit Score and fixing them will definitely improve your score. People have detected errors such as false late payment reports by lenders and loan accounts that you didn’t open at all. You can get your Credit Report from any of the Credit bureaus such as CIBIL and Equifax. Look over the whole report for errors. Follow instructions on the credit bureaus website for fixing the errors. You might need to submit some documents to get them fixed.

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If your CIBIL score very low, equal or below 620, less chances to get a LAP. So before applying loan against property first clear all your dues and create a good credit score before applying a loan. For details discuss about this with your case manager .