PA cover good or bad?


How does PA cover work in car insurance? Is it worth it?


Standard car insurance does not offer any claim for the person’s involved in the accident. Opting for a personal accident cover can help as it covers the car owner and the paid driver for death or permanent loss of limbs. To avail a PA cover add-on you must hold a driving license in your name. With a nominal cover amount you can safeguard your life as well as that of your driver.


Hi Meera,

A Personal Accident (PA) cover could be very useful, especially because there can be injuries in case of car accidents and a Car Insurance will cover only damage to your car. A PA cover can include a number of features such as permanent total disability cover, permanent partial disability cover and temporary total disability cover. Some even give you hospitalisation cover. A PA cover does not require you to undergo any medical tests. You can get compensation using your PA cover even if the injuries are minor. You can go for a normal cover or a comprehensive cover based on your budget.

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