PO savings account transfer


I have a PO savings account in my city. Can i get it transferred to another city as I need to relocate for good?


Yes as an Indian citizen you have both options open for you. Firstly you can shift your account from one city to another as PO savings account can be transferred from one post office to another. Secondly you can also open a new account in the other post office in the city you are moving to.


Hi Nisa,

You can transfer your post office savings account to another city. Here’s how to do it.
To transfer your account, you need the transfer application form. This transfer form is named Form SB 10 (b) and will be available with your Post Office. You also have the option to download it from the India Post website.

You need to submit the application form to the Post Office from which you want to transfer your account (that is, the Post Office where you are currently holding the account). The first step will be to fill all the details required in Form SB 10(b). You need to give the specimen signature of all account holders in the form. Some post offices do accept applications made on plain paper in the form of a request letter. But do check with your Post Office before submitting the same.

Now, take a copy of your account passbook as well as the form or letter. This will help you refer to it in case there are any hassles or mistakes while the account is getting transferred. The third step is that you need to submit the form or letter prepared by you along with your account passbook. The postal assistant (PA) at the Post Office counter will take the form and give you an acknowledgement slip.

Once you submit the application to the Post Office where you currently hold the account, the same will be forwarded to the Post Office where you want the account to be transferred after verification of the signatures. After verification, your form and passbook will be sent to the transferee Post Office, that is, the Post Office to which you want to transfer the account. Once your form reaches the transferee Post Office, it is all ready for you to collect. You need to give your acknowledgement slip to the PA at the counter and get back a new passbook with the old balance.

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