Professional Tax in Karnataka


Could someone please tell how to register for Professional Tax in Karnataka?
The site is supposed to be . But it no longer shows a page for professional tax. It’s a page for VAT. Is it the same? If so, how do i register for this?? I dont see a registration page anywhere.



The official website for professional tax in Karnataka might be down. We suggest that you try for help. You can always visit the website and click on e-prarana for registration. Do visit our Professional Tax page for information on the tax slabs.

Professional tax payers in Karnataka can pay their professional tax online by visiting the Commercial Taxes Department website. The website allows taxpayers to submit tax returns and make tax payments by entering their personal and financial details. Taxpayers can also generate the certificate for their tax payment online without contacting the professional tax offices. The website helps professional tax payers to pay taxes on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

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