Revision of Income Tax Return - Web site not allowing

I wanted to rectify the income tax Return I had submitted earlier. But the Income tax web site does not allow me to do this. The assessment year 2018-19 is not available in the drop down menu. I am enclosing a screenshot of the web page.


Hi Sankar,

Here’s how to file a revised return. The first thing you’ll require is the Income Tax Return-Verification (ITR-V) Form or acknowledgement from the original return filing. A copy of this, along with the acknowledgement number and filing date of the original IT Return (which can be found in the ITR-V or in the I-T department’s e-filing portal if you filed your original ITR online), are needed for you to file a Revised Return.

• Once you have these details, log in to the Income Tax e-filing portal.
• On the top left menu, select the ‘Quick e-file’ option.
• Choose the assessment year and address, and submit the selection.
• On the following page, after reading the instructions, fill the first section with your personal information.
• Under ‘Filing Status’ in the second section, choose the employer category and return-related information.
• In column A21, you need to choose ’17 - revised return - 139(5)’ because you are filing revised return. Make sure the box below it is set to ‘Revised’.
• In column A24, fill in the acknowledgement number of original ITR and the date when the return was first filed.
• In the following pages, fill in the correct details of tax exemptions and income as per the original return. Submit the form.
• E-verify your return.

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BB Expert